The Cats of Charnwood Forest
By Constantine
Charley Wood is the true heart of the Charnwood Forest.

The Name "Charley Wood" comes from the ancient name "Cernelega" which over time became "Cerne Ley", and eventually "Charley" Thus the woods became "Cerne Ley Wood" and then "Charnwood"

The wood is made up of several areas.  The largest  are 'Burrow Hill  Wood' and 'Cat hill Wood."

Cat Hill Wood was also known as "The Wood of the Wild Cats", and is a place that Bailey and Scruff will be visiting in the future.

Or possibly, the past....
Charley Woods are cared for by the 'Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust.'  Who also look after a great many spectacular parts of the Charnwood.  For More information about Charley Wood, Please Visit their informative website with the handy link to the right.